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How to Cope With the Loss of a Pet? 

Pets are such great living things aren't they? They bring so much joy into our lives and they help us lighten up during the hard times. They are always there to help us at some..... 

By: Admin 

Choosing a Marble Pet Urn 

Our pets are really just like best friends and family members to us and when they pass away it is devastating. Losing a pet is a traumatic life event that we all must face at..... 

By: Admin

Burial or Cremation? Cat Urns May be the Answer for You 

It’s one of the most difficult things a cat owner has to face – the death of their faithful, furry friend. We all dread the day that our pet passes, but when the time comes,..... 

By: Admin 

Why You Should Choose a Wood Pet Urn 

For many of us, a pet’s death is devastating. Our pets are family members and facing their loss is extremely difficult to bear. As difficult as it is, many people choose to honor their pet’s..... 

By: Admin 

Pet Cremation Urns: Keeping the Memories Alive and Close to You 

As a pet owner, I can tell you that the hardest thing to do is to see your pet die or have to have it euthanized. Anyone who says “It’s just a dog (or cat)”..... 

By: Admin 

Are Dog Urns Better than Burial? 

We all dread the passing of our pets. They say dogs are a man’s best friend and anyone who owns dogs knows that they’re far more than that. They are family. They’re our best friends...... 

By: Admin