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Dogs that don’t shed:

Since allergies have become common, and at the same time number of people adopting a pet has also increased, the demand for dogs that don’t shed has increased. Dogs that shed are different from dogs that don’t shed in one most practical way. Dogs that don’t shed don’t cause allergies and are thus more pleasant to keep. While there are no dogs in pure sense that don’t shed, there are some who are less prone to shedding than others. We have discussed some of these here.

Shih Tzu:

Shih Tzu is among the dogs that dog shed. In addition to not shedding it is extremely loyal too. Shih Tzu doesn’t shed much and their hairs fall only in case they are brushed.

Maltese terrier:

Maltese terriers are famous for their cute looks and their playful nature. In addition to being playful, another plus associated with Maltese terrier is that they don’t shed. They are very bright, loving and cheerful.

Tibetan terrier:

Tibetan terrier is hairy and their hairs need a lot of care. However, despite the fact that they are hairy, they don’t shed. So, although, their hairs require a lot of care, they don’t shed much.

Portuguese water dog:

Like Tibetan terrier, Portuguese water dog is also loyal and playful and have a silky coat. Although they have a silky coat, they don’t shed much. The fact that they don’t shed doesn’t mean that they don’t need grooming.

Soft-coated wheaten terrier:

Soft-coated wheaten terrier is another breed of dog that doesn’t shed. In addition to not shedding, this breed offers some really amazing practical benefits. These benefits lie in their agility, their tracking skills and their loyal obedience.


Poodle varieties of dogs are also among the dogs that are considered non-shedding. This breed of dogs is loyal, playful and obedient. They are also among the intelligent breed of dogs.

West Highland white terrier:

Commonly known as Westie is dog that don’t shed. As compared to some other breeds they do shed, however it’s negligible. It is very adorable and active breed of dogs. Like other dogs they are also loyal to their owners.

Bichon frise:

Bichon frise is also a cute and adorable furry dog. However, its cuteness also lies in it being a non-shedding dog. It’s very easy to train and loyal.

Kerry blue terrier:

Kerry blue terrier was breed to serve many different jobs. So, there are able to perform many different practical tasks. In addition to being practically useful, the also offer the advantage of being non-shedding.


Havanese is famous for being the national dog of Cuba. However, its popularity goes far beyond the borders of cuba. It is well-known across the globe for their cuteness and for their lively gait. Havenase possess the ability to mold themselves to any kind of environment, and this along with their non-shedding is the reason Havanese dogs are popular across the globe.

Cairn terrier:

It’s one of the earliest terrier breed. They originated from Scotland. In addition to offering practical tracking skill, they also serve as a great companion even more so because they don’t shed.

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