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Month: November 2016

Best Toys For Dogs

Best toys for dogs:

Dog toys are an important way to engage your dog. It is important to reiterate here that dog toys are not just used for physical exercise of your pets but it has other benefits too. These benefits include mental stimulation of your pet. This mental stimulation allows your pet to stay active. Furthermore, playing your pet with a toy helps deepen the bond between you two. One obvious benefit is that it help stays your dog fit. Now let’s have a look at some best toys for dogs. Most of these toys are available on Amazon so you can order online.

Kong Air Sneaker Tennis ball:

Used as fetching toy, this toy takes elements from two famous dog toys and combines them for additional stimulation and fun. The toy consists of a squeaker enclosed inside a ball. The makers claim the product to be durable and lasting. So, you can expect it to last a while even if your dog loves playing rough.

Kong Rubber Dog Chew toy:

Kong rubber chew toy is another famous offering by the Kong brand. Made of natural rubber it can serve as good distraction to keep your dog engaged. While they chew on it, you get on with your daily tasks. This chew toy can be filled with different delicious material, and frozen to offer even more engaging activity to your dog. In sum, Kong Rubber Dog Chew toy is a great, durable and non-toxic chew toy for your dog.

Kong Rubber ball extreme:

This playing toy is also offered by Kong. Kong rubber ball won’t get punctured easily and can handle some rough dealing by your pet. Since pets are of different sizes, to accommodate the needs of pets Kong Rubber ball also comes in different sizes. It goes without saying that it is durable. However, if it gets damaged you should immediately replace it.

Kong Medium Size Cozie dog squeaky toy:

The name of the toy explains it all. The toy is squeaky and cozy, a perfect pastime for your dog. Squeak helps keep your dog engaged while the coziness ensures that it stays engaged with the toy for a longtime. Despite its softness, the toy is more durable than one would expect. So, you can go ahead and get this toy for your dog.

Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew toy:

We are all familiar that dogs love to chew on bones. To server their chewing needs, Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chewtoy would do a good enough job. It comes with dog’s favorite bacon flavor and with the shape that makes it easier for dogs to handle it. It is ideal for dogs under 70 pounds.

These were some of the best toys for dog. No matter which toy you choose for your dog it’s important to keep the likes and dislikes of your pet in mind. We cannot pinpoint one best toy for your dog. This is because all dogs have different needs, and only you know best what your dog needs.


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Dogs that don’t shed:

Since allergies have become common, and at the same time number of people adopting a pet has also increased, the demand for dogs that don’t shed has increased. Dogs that shed are different from dogs that don’t shed in one most practical way. Dogs that don’t shed don’t cause allergies and are thus more pleasant to keep. While there are no dogs in pure sense that don’t shed, there are some who are less prone to shedding than others. We have discussed some of these here.

Shih Tzu:

Shih Tzu is among the dogs that dog shed. In addition to not shedding it is extremely loyal too. Shih Tzu doesn’t shed much and their hairs fall only in case they are brushed.

Maltese terrier:

Maltese terriers are famous for their cute looks and their playful nature. In addition to being playful, another plus associated with Maltese terrier is that they don’t shed. They are very bright, loving and cheerful.

Tibetan terrier:

Tibetan terrier is hairy and their hairs need a lot of care. However, despite the fact that they are hairy, they don’t shed. So, although, their hairs require a lot of care, they don’t shed much.

Portuguese water dog:

Like Tibetan terrier, Portuguese water dog is also loyal and playful and have a silky coat. Although they have a silky coat, they don’t shed much. The fact that they don’t shed doesn’t mean that they don’t need grooming.

Soft-coated wheaten terrier:

Soft-coated wheaten terrier is another breed of dog that doesn’t shed. In addition to not shedding, this breed offers some really amazing practical benefits. These benefits lie in their agility, their tracking skills and their loyal obedience.


Poodle varieties of dogs are also among the dogs that are considered non-shedding. This breed of dogs is loyal, playful and obedient. They are also among the intelligent breed of dogs.

West Highland white terrier:

Commonly known as Westie is dog that don’t shed. As compared to some other breeds they do shed, however it’s negligible. It is very adorable and active breed of dogs. Like other dogs they are also loyal to their owners.

Bichon frise:

Bichon frise is also a cute and adorable furry dog. However, its cuteness also lies in it being a non-shedding dog. It’s very easy to train and loyal.

Kerry blue terrier:

Kerry blue terrier was breed to serve many different jobs. So, there are able to perform many different practical tasks. In addition to being practically useful, the also offer the advantage of being non-shedding.


Havanese is famous for being the national dog of Cuba. However, its popularity goes far beyond the borders of cuba. It is well-known across the globe for their cuteness and for their lively gait. Havenase possess the ability to mold themselves to any kind of environment, and this along with their non-shedding is the reason Havanese dogs are popular across the globe.

Cairn terrier:

It’s one of the earliest terrier breed. They originated from Scotland. In addition to offering practical tracking skill, they also serve as a great companion even more so because they don’t shed.

For more information visit this guide on dogs that don’t shed.

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Best dogs for kids:

Best dogs for kids:

Dogs can be for different purposes. Some dogs are useful for one purpose like tracking might not be useful for other purpose. Similarly, some dogs are friendly to kids and are liked by them, and some not. We will discuss some of the best dogs for kids. When you are choosing a dog for kids you can use three factors to evaluate whether it suits your needs. These three factors are:

  1. Disposition: This relates to the personality of the dog. Make sure that the dog is not aggressive.
  2. Size: This is important since you wouldn’t want a dog with large size and aggressive temperament.
  3. Activity: Some dogs require less activity i.e. exercise to stay fit others need more. Choose a dog whose activity needs can be met by you.

In addition to these factors, there are some questions that you should ask the breeder of dog. Few questions that you can ask are described below:

  1. Does it pose any threat to any family members?

Dogs can be specific in kind of people they want to associate with. Some dogs prefer one gender over other; some dogs prefer adults over the kids. So, you must choose a dog that would be happy to socialize with your kids.

  1. How much activity the dog can endure:

Some dogs like to go on long walks while other prefer to be carried. You need to make sure of the activity preferred by the dog and select the dog that suits your needs.

  1. How much of attention and care the dog would need?

This question is important since you need to consider whether you will have enough free time. A dog with long hairs would need more care than less. So, you need to choose a dog based on the time you can devote to it.

These were some of the some people question you need to ask the breeder before choosing a dog for your kids. Now let’s have a brief look at some popular dogs for kids.

  1. Poodle:

Poodles are famous as much for their variety and sizes as their playfulness and their affection towards kids. Variety in sizes means that you can get a poodle pet that’s not too big to play with your kids. Small poodles have the ability to form bonds and will be a good companion for your kids.

  1. Irish setter:

Highly sociable and playful pet with red coat especially loves children. Irish setter is unusually sociable in a sense that they feel best when around a family. They can be a great companion for your children.

  1. Golden retriever:

Golden retriever is one of the most famous dogs for kids. This is due to their playful nature and their ability to engage kids by playing games with them. Moderate in temperament, this dog can prove to be an excellent companion for your kids if your kids are outgoing and playful as well.

  1. Newfoundland

Newfoundland is one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs. They are nicknamed Nature’s babysitter because of their protective instincts. They are playful as well as non-aggressive. They also have the quality of being affectionate towards children.

  1. Bull terrier:

Contrary to the misconception, bull terrier is a non-aggressive dog. It is playful in nature and love to socialize with kids. It can withstand some rough dealing so they are perfect for children who are not yet familiar with way to treat dogs properly.



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Pet Loss

Pet loss:

Pet loss can be devastating and can cause immense grief to the owner of the pet. If you experience such an incident it’s important to acknowledge it. If you feel sorrow at the loss of the pet it’s a natural reaction. The reason for feeling sorrow is pretty obvious to some while others are oblivious to it. Many people feel sorrow at the loss of pet is because for them a pet is more than just a pet. It’s a companion. The loss of any companion is bound to cause sorrow. The more important role your pet played in your life the greater would be the sorrow. More importantly, at such time you need to know what exactly to do to cope with the loss. That is what our article will explain. We will give you some tips that will help make a difficult time easy.

Tips to cope with pet loss:

Acknowledge the feeling:

Whatever you feel at the death of your pet, acknowledge it. Don’t brush it off or feel embarrassed about it. Express those feelings. Catharsis is an important way to cope with the sorrow of pet loss. People might point out that you are acting absurdly, don’t listen!

Interact with others who lost pets:

It’s very important to seek advice from someone who has gone through or going through the same experience as you. It’s even more important if there is no one in your family or friends who have experienced such sorrow. To find such people, you need to search online for pet forums which have dedicated sections for sharing such experiences. These experiences can give you valuable insights on coping with your sorrow.

Seek professional pet loss help:

In case you can’t get over it in few days its best to seek the help of professionals. There are number of centers that offer pet grief support. These professionals use psychological techniques to help you overcome the trauma.

Perform proper rituals:

One way to lessen the grief of pet loss is to perform proper rituals as you would for a loss of any human being. Arranging a proper funeral for your pet and giving your pet a respectable departure can help lessen the feeling of grief.

Prepare a memorial:

Having something to remember your pet also lessens the grief of pet loss. This something can be a tree that you plant for your pet, or a photo album that has the photos of your precious memories with your pet. Creating such a legacy for your pet will keep reminding you of the preciousness of your pet and the fun times you spend with it, and can help ease the grief.

Take care of yourself:

This is most important tip. In grief of a pet, it’s very important that you maintain a healthy routine and do not become oblivious to your health and social life. You would only be able to move on emotionally if you have enough emotional distraction and physical energy to do so.


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